DSD Policy 400




410 Student Policies Goals

411 Equal Educational Opportunities

411-Rule 1 Student Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Procedures

411-Rule 2 Nondiscrimination Guidelines Related To Students Who Are Transgender and Students

Nonconforming To Gender Roll Sterotypes

411-Exhibit Discrimination Complaint Form

411.1 Student Sexual Harassment

411.1-Exhibit Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

411.2 Student Harassment and Bullying

411.2-Rule Harassment and Bullying Complaint Procedures

412.1 Full-Time Students

420 School Admission

420-Rule (1) Procedures for Placing Transfer Students

420-Rule (2) Procedures for Enrollment & Placement of Homeless Children & Youth

421 Admission To Kindergarten and First Grade

421-Rule Procedures For Early Admission To Kindergarten Or First Grade and Exemption From Mandatory Kindergarten

422.1 Foreign Exchange Students

422.1-Rule Foreign Exchange Student Program Guidelines

423 Full-Time Open Enrollment

423-Rule Full-Time Open Enrollment Procedures

*430 Attendance

431 Student Attendance

431-Rule Student Attendance/Truancy Procedures

434.1 Released Time For Religious Instruction

434.2 Closed Campus

*440 Student Rights and Responsibilities

441.1 Student Government

443 Student Conduct

443-Rule Code of Classroom Conduct

443.4 Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use

443.4-Rule Discipline Procedures for Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use Violations

443.5 Use and Possession of Personal Electronic Devices

443.5-Rule Procedures For Personal Electronic Device Violations

443.7 Threats To Or By Students

443.8 Gangs and Gang-Related Behavior

445 Student Interviews With Law Enforcement Officers

445-Rule Procedures for Student Interviews with Law Enforcement Officers

446.1 Locker Searches

447 Student Discipline

447.1 Corporal Punishment/Use of Physical Force

447.1-Rule Procedures For Reporting Use of Physical Force

447.11 Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint

447.11-Exhibit Seclusion and Physical Restraint Training/Acknowledgement and Agreement

447.2 Student Detentions

447.2-Rule Student Detention Procedures

447.3 Student Suspensions/Expulsions

447.3-Rule Student Suspension/Expulsion Procedures

*450 Student Health and Welfare

453.1 Emergency Nursing Services

453.1-Rule (1) Emergency Nursing Service Procedures

453.1-Rule (2) Procedures for Handling Student Illnesses or Injuries

453.11 Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

453.2 Student Immunization

453.3 Communicable Diseases

453.3-Rule Communicable Disease Control Procedures

453.31 Head Lice/Nits

453.31-Rule Head Lice/Nits Control Guidelines

453.4 Administering Medication to Students

453.4-Rule Administering Medication Procedures

453.6 Students with Special Health Care Needs

453.61 Managing Student Allergies

453.61-Rule Procedures for Managing Student Allergies

454 Child Abuse and Neglect

454-Rule Procedures For Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

455.2 Student Motor Vehicle Use

457 Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Post Intervention

458 School Wellness

458-Rule School Wellness Policy Implementation Procedures

460 Student Awards and Scholarships

460-Rule Student Award Procedures

460-Rule 2 Procedures For Awarding the Wisconsin Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship

460-Rule 3 Procedures For Awarding the Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship

461 Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship

*470 Student Fees, Fines and Charges

*480 Student Employment

*490 Miscellaneous Student Policies

The * indicates a general policy topic area where there is no actual policy.

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